Ripplebrook Bushfire Readiness

Our School is in the West and South Gippsland fire weather district. 


What does this mean for our school?


Our school has been identified as being at risk of bushfire or grassfire and is a Category 4 school.


Our school will close on a day forecasted as Catastrophic fire danger rating in West and South Gippsland fire weather district.


Closure of the school due to a forecast Catastrophic day will be confirmed on the day prior and we will provide you with advice before the end of the school day.

Any information regarding potential or confirmed Catastrophic fire danger days will be communicated to you by Compass, email or letter sent home. 

The department’s Bushfire and Grassfire Preparedness Policy requires all schools and early childhood services on the BARR and the Category 4 list to close when a Catastrophic fire danger rating day is forecast in their fire weather district. All school bus routes which travel in or through a district with Catastrophic fire danger must also be cancelled.


You can find more information on emergencies, warnings and preparedness actions here:

  • VicEmergency app – that can be downloaded on your android and iOS mobile devices
  • VicEmergency Hotline (1800 226 226)
  • Website
  • ABC local radio, Sky News and other emergency broadcasters